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Next-gen defense to combat transmission and infection.

Our technology helps filter and deactivate pathogens to reduce the risk of transmission, making indoor spaces, higher risk work environments and social interactions safer— especially for those most vulnerable.

ZEN’s patent-pending ZENGuard™coating has 99%+ proven effectiveness against viruses, fungi and bacteria.

We are working with partners globally to bring this much needed, antimicrobial innovation forward to better protect our healthcare workers and the public. Given the effectiveness and versatility of ZENGuard™, we are actively engaging the indoor air quality market and pursuing other PPE applications, including nitrile gloves, gowns, footwear coverings and surgical caps to bring an added level of protection to the global healthcare industry.

Purple ZENGuard mask

Enhanced Bacterial and Viral Filtration Efficiency (BFE/VFE) greater than 99.99%*
— We believe a first for surgical masks.

ZENGuard™-coated masks removed 98.9% more bacteria and 97.8% more virus compared to a typical ASTM Level 3, 3-ply uncoated, resulting in over 99.99% BFE and VFE ratings.

Proven Deactivation

ZENGuard™ is a hydrophilic, water attracting coating that adsorbs bacteria and virus-laden aerosols and deactivates them, increasing public safety, and reducing the risk of transmission of COVID and other pathogens.

The same ZENGuard™ technology that enhances the effectiveness of PPE can be added to air filtration media used in HVAC systems to deactivate pathogens and improve air quality.

*Testing completed by GAPLAB Environmental Microbiology using a modified ASTM F2101:

S. aureus CFU BFEChallenge Level Total CFU RecoveredAveraged from 3 tests
Uncoated 3-ply 6,966,700 38,500
ZENGuard™-coated 4-ply 6,966,700 410
MS2 Bacteriophage PFU VFEChallenge Level Total PFU RecoveredAveraged from 3 tests
Uncoated 3-ply 22,933,000 76,667
ZENGuard™-coated 4-ply 22,933,000 1,683
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We are ready to bring what we believe is a significant differentiator in the PPE space to those in Canada’s highest risk environments. Looking beyond our borders, the first regulatory approval of our technology for use on surgical masks is also significant as we continue developing our international growth strategy.
Greg Fenton, CEO

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