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We create shareholder value by advancing healthcare through patented nanoscience.

$2.02 CAD

(as of market close Mar 24)

TSX: Zentek Ltd. (ZEN.V)

0.07 (-3.35%)

$1.50 USD

(as of market close Mar 24)

NASDAQ: Zentek Ltd. (ZTEK)

0.01 (-0.76%)

Why invest in Zentek?

Highly scalable and differentiated opportunities.

Zentek is at the forefront of developing and commercializing next-gen, nanotechnology-enabled healthcare solutions that improve people’s lives. Our IP for potential game-changing healthcare technologies in the areas of prevention, detection and treatment are a key differentiator and value driver.

Focus Areas


Next-gen defense to combat transmission and infection.

Along with our own laboratory, we also work with over 100 researchers in a dozen Universities across Canada and globally who are focused on graphene and nanotechnology research. Graphene has enormous potential to enhance numerous existing products and technologies


Patent-pending nanotechnologies are currently being researched to drive value.

Our focus is on bringing next-generation graphene nanotechnologies to market by carefully evaluating and prioritizing our intellectual property and innovations at the research phase.


Improving lives through graphene-based, advanced nanotechnologies

Our patent-pending, next generation antimicrobial coating defense combats transmission and infection. ZenGUARD™ enhances the filtration of pathogens to reduce the risk of transmission in indoor spaces and higher risk work environments.


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