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We create shareholder value by advancing healthcare through patented nanoscience.

$2.60 CAD

(as of market close Aug 12)

TSX: Zentek Ltd. (ZEN.V)

0.05 (-1.89%)

$2.03 USD

(as of market close Aug 12)

NASDAQ: Zentek Ltd. (ZTEK)

0.06 (-2.87%)

Why invest in Zentek?

Highly scalable and differentiated opportunities.

Zentek is at the forefront of developing and commercializing next-gen, nanotechnology-enabled healthcare solutions that improve people’s lives. Our IP for potential game-changing healthcare technologies in the areas of prevention, detection and treatment are a key differentiator and value driver.

Focus Areas


Next-gen defense to combat transmission and infection.

Our technology helps filter and deactivate pathogens to reduce the risk of transmission, making indoor spaces, higher risk work environments and social interactions safer— especially for those most vulnerable.


Advancing rapid detection and diagnostics.

Our cutting-edge nanotechnology offers fast, affordable, non-invasive, scalable point-of-care detection for numerous pathogens, including viruses like SARS-CoV-2, empowering governments, health agencies and individuals worldwide to identify infections and end outbreaks faster than ever before.


Enhancing recovery and health outcomes.

We are developing breakthrough antimicrobial therapies so people can recover faster and live their lives to the fullest. Testing to date has shown our nanotech-powered therapies are safe and effective against numerous pathogens and can potentially transform modalities in medicine across the globe.

For further information:

Ryan Shacklock

VP, Strategy, Business Development & Investor Relations

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