Patent-pending nanotechnologies are currently being researched to drive value.

We are an IP development and commercialization company. Our focus is on bringing next-generation graphene nanotechnologies to market by carefully evaluating and prioritizing our intellectual property and innovations at the research phase.

We are advancing rapid detection and diagnostics, exploring cutting-edge nanotechnology that could offer fast, affordable, non-invasive, scalable point-of-care detection for numerous pathogens, including viruses like COVID-19. This would empower governments, health agencies and individuals worldwide to identify infections and end outbreaks faster than ever before.

We work with the University of Guelph and have filed a provisional patent for a novel electrochemical exfoliation (ECE) process to produce graphene oxide (GO) from natural graphite.

And while we continue to pursue market opportunities for our patented technology platform, ZenGUARD™, on Antimicrobial Surgical Masks, testing also continues for ZenGUARD™ on HVAC – a significant opportunity to support efficient indoor air quality initiatives in schools, buildings, transit, and others.

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