Patent Development

Securing IP

Our expertise lies in developing new nanotechnology-enabled intellectual property. Securing patents for that IP is paramount to our business model.

Zentek’s expertise lies in developing new nanotechnology-enabled intellectual property; a venture Capital Model where we identify technology that we believe can be commercialized, allocate capital to these opportunities, and find partners in the industry where we can add the most value to help commercialize.

Our Canadian patent application directed to our ZenGUARD™ technology, for use on personal protective equipment, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, has recently been allowed by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office including all 54 claims made in the application.

Our company continues to invest in Intellectual Property protection to provide long-term shareholder value” said CEO Greg Fenton. “Our team, working with our patent attorneys have mapped out a strong strategy to protect not only our ZenGUARD™ technology but all the technologies we are developing including our icephobic, fuel, battery, fire-retardant, and other innovations.
Greg Fenton, CEO