Albany map

Albany Graphite Deposit

We own 100% rights to one of the world's richest graphite deposits.

Graphite is a critical mineral for governments in Canada, Europe, and the United States, given its importance to the world’s energy transition and high supply risk. It is instrumental in the production of batteries; an importance to Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle hub.

Located in Northern Ontario near Hearst and Constance Lake First Nation, Zentek’s Albany Deposit is a unique graphite deposit with 968,000 tonnes of indicated contained carbon material – a mineral critical to the advancement of nanotechnology-enabled products.

The graphite mineralization at Albany was formed under a rapid volcanic eruptive process nearly a billion years ago. The result was an extremely rare, but naturally occurring, flash event of graphite minerals that formed consistent and fine crystallites throughout the deposit. It is also conveniently located adjacent to existing infrastructure necessary to developing a mine site.

Albany graphite is easy to exfoliate and is ideally suited for making high-quality graphene for advanced technical uses. The most important properties for graphene production are exfoliation and dispersion. Albany has a unique combination of graphite purity, particle size and consistency, which give it a significant advantage in both areas. Albany is conveniently located adjacent to existing infrastructure (roads, power lines, etc.) necessary to assist in the developing of the mine process.

Zentek owns 100% rights to the Albany deposit, with a signed implementation agreement with the Constance Lake First Nation (CLFN) that sets out the governance, roles, responsibilities, and activities for establishing a Project Partnership Structure.

Unlocking this resource, and a made-in-Canada source of graphite and graphene will be beneficial for Canadians into the future.