ZenGUARD™ Enhanced Air Filters

This product is currently being assessed for registration under the Pest Control Products Act. It cannot be manufactured, imported distributed or used in Canada at this time, unless explicit authorization has been obtained from Health Canada to use this product for the purpose of conducting research under the Pest Control Products Regulations.

The ZenGUARD™ Difference

ZenGUARD™ Enhanced Air Filters utilize next-generation graphene to achieve its proposed mode of action through the incorporation of the patented ZenGUARD™ formulation. The ZenGUARD™ Enhanced Air Filter's simple design is aimed to be used seamlessly with existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with a goal of enhancing viral filtration efficiency without the need for any additional training or modifications to the HVAC system itself, and without an associated increase in pressure drop, energy use, or carbon emissions. Providing there is improved filtration, that would lead directly to improved employee health, which in turn leads directly to savings due to reduced employee absenteeism and burden on our healthcare system.

The Future of Air Filtration with the Aim to:

Significantly Enhanced Viral Filtration Efficiency

Reduce Absenteeism and Healthcare Costs

Fully Compatible with Existing HVAC Systems

No Increase in Pressure Drop, Energy Use, or Carbon Emissions

Made in Canada and Third-Party Validated

Indoor Air Quality: A Global Challenge

Poor indoor air quality can lead to unhealthy work or living spaces. The impact this causes on both health and business is significant. In the workplace alone, this can affect both performance and revenue:


Estimated Lost Revenue in CAD Annually Due to Absenteeism1


Estimated Revenue Gain in CAD Due to Air Quality-Related Improved Performance2

What if there was a way to make indoor spaces safer without using more energy or buying new equipment?

Innovative public health protection is more important than ever. The Zentek team is currently exploring additional uses for ZenGUARD™ including adding advanced protection to air filtration (HVAC) systems to support safe travel, work environments, and social gatherings.

In September 2021, Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) awarded a testing contract to Zentek to test their patented ZenGUARD™ Enhanced Air Filters with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC).

The viral filtration efficiency of Zentek's ZenGUARD™ Enhanced Air Filters was measured using an NRC constructed purpose-built modular room to simulate a real-world classroom environment. Testing was performed by the NRC Aerospace Research Centre's Centre for Air Travel Research, with the support from Indoor Air Quality team at the NRC's Construction Research Centre.

The Test Plan objective was to test ZenGUARD™’s effectiveness on the most common filters used in schools, public and commercial buildings (MERV 8 filters). The test methodology was able to show repeatable results of the technology in an environment where the airborne viral pathogen would thrive (e.g., low humidity, normal room temperature commonly found during winter months).

The NRC put ZenGUARD™ through rigorous testing using very small surrogate virus particles that MERV 8 filters are not designed to remove from the air. In the Test Plan, the innovation had to:

1. achieve a significant net reduction in pathogens compared to its equally rated uncoated filter;

2. have no impact to air flow or increase in energy consumption;

3. have no negative impact on air quality in any way; and

4. require no modifications to existing HVAC systems and no additional capital costs.

At its core, the ISC Testing Program seeks to identify, validate, and support adoption of innovations that can benefit Canadians.

Next-Generation Viral Filtration

ZenGUARD™ leverages the revolutionary nanomaterial graphene to deliver significantly enhanced viral filtration capability.

Third-Party Involvement

Innovative Solutions Canada

ZenGUARD™ answered Innovative Solutions Canada’s call to identify indoor air quality solutions that achieve a net reduction in airborne viral load without requiring modifications to existing HVAC systems, reducing air flow rates, or compromising air quality.

National Research Council Canada

Underwent rigorous testing in a modular room, simulating a real-world classroom environment. National Research Council Canada’s validation confirms ZenGUARD™’s effectiveness in capturing airborne viruses, contributing to safer indoor spaces. Subsequent testing was completed by LMS technologies to demonstrate ZenGUARD™ Enhanced Air Filter's viral filtration effectiveness with dust loading.


ParticleOne, renowned for its virus-resiliency software, evaluated ZenGUARD™’s filtration performance. Its testing was used to showcase the ZenGUARD™ Enhanced Air Filters effectiveness in reducing the spread of infectious particles and its ability to enhance indoor safety. ParticleOne also demonstrated ZenGUARD™ Enhanced Air Filters correlation and potential of cost savings from absenteeism related to poor indoor air quality. Further risk assessment research was conducted to evaluate the potential for savings in the workplace due to the reduction of absenteeism and productivity losses caused by sickness..

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