Graphene Synthesis

GO Synthesis & Graphene Synthesis

Electrochemical, chemical & mechanical exfoliation

ZEN and the University of Guelph (Guelph) have filed a provisional patent for a novel electrochemical exfoliation (ECE) process to produce graphene oxide (GO) from natural graphite. The company has also signed an exclusive global license agreement with Guelph for the intellectual property regarding the ECE process that has been developed by Prof. Aicheng Chen and his team. ZEN is also working closely with the Chen Team to optimize and scale-up the ECE process to produce GO. This process was designed to be scalable, low cost, low energy, and environmentally friendly to produce high-quality, few-layer graphene oxide at ZEN’s Guelph facility. In addition, ZEN and the Chen Team, are developing a proprietary chemical method to produce GO. This novel method, which has been tested at bench scale, has several advantages over the current improved Hummers’ method as it uses significantly less chemical reagents and takes less time. ZEN is also currently exploring possible solutions to produce graphene from natural graphite.