Message from our CEO and Executive Chairman

At Zentek, we work with our partners to develop health care solutions neither of us could achieve on our own. We do this by harnessing the power of nanotechnology to enhance existing products and create new solutions that improve people’s lives. ​​

With growing health and humanitarian challenges, the need to work together on innovative and novel solutions is stronger than ever. As we saw during the global pandemic, monumental challenges lead to solution-oriented collaboration and amazing breakthroughs. During the pandemic we did our best to contribute as well, putting several endeavors on hold to focus our energy and expertise on new ways to protect people. What resulted from the ingenuity and perseverance of our team and partners was the development of our ZenGUARD technology and broad-spectrum therapeutic compound, which we believe both hold significant promise to help people globally and create substantial value for our shareholders. We are also proud to be the global commercializing partner for a newly developed aptamer-based, rapid detection technology that will help us more efficiently detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its variants in the near term, and most importantly – many other pathogens longer term. ​

​Complex health care challenges require collaboration and novel solutions, and we believe nanotechnology will play an enormous role in meeting those challenges and many others. We are proud to work in an area that has incredible potential to improve lives and create significant value for our shareholders. We look forward to achieving more great things with our current partners and forging new relationships in the years ahead.​

Greg Fenton
Chief Executive Officer, Director

Dr. Francis Dube, O.D., B.Sc.
Director & Executive Chairman